The Beatles Beatlogy / DJ KIYO ( Royalty / 2010 )

01.DJ KIYO / The Beatles Beatlogy Intro
02.The Beatles / I Am The Walrus
03.The Beatles / Come Together
04.The Beatles / Don’t Let Me Down
05.The Beatles / You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
06.The Beatles / Dont Pass Me By
07.The Beatles / Eleanor Rigby
08.The Beatles / Helter Skelter
09.The Beatles / Love You To
10.The Beatles / Tomorrow Never Knows
11.The Beatles / Within You Without You
12.The Beatles / Interlude
13.The Beatles / The End
14.The Beatles / Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band
15.The Beatles / A Day In The Life
16.The Beatles / Carry The Weight
17.The Beatles / Norwegian Wood
18.The Beatles / For Your Blue
19.The Beatles / 12 Bar Original
20.The Beatles / Billybeatle Boogie
21.The Beatles / Interlude
22.The Beatles / Los Paranoias
23.The Beatles / Gnik Nus
24.The Beatles / Strawbery Fields Forever
25.The Beatles / The Fool On The Hill
26.The Beatles / Dear Prudence
27.The Beatles / Free As A Bird


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